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I hope every one has a great time here! Please check the Announcements & Updates section to see what Staff colors they have. Wink Maybe yu can be in the spot. Very Happy ADVERTISE! HAVE FUN!


 Super Smash Betting Game

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PostSubject: Super Smash Betting Game   Super Smash Betting Game Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 12:13 am


Welcome to the Super Smash Betting Game! Where you bet on which character from Super Smash Bros. Melee will win!

The rules are simple:
1. Everyone will start with 500 Smash Points.
2. All the characters will be set to CPU on level 9 and have 3 stock each (unless changed for special matches) .
3 to participate in a round you must place a bet (anywhere from 1 SP to all in) and choose a character from the roster with the costume of your choice (ex: Blue kirby, Ness with bumble bee shirt. If there is no color/costume meantioned, I will assume you mean the original)
4. Winnings for the fights are as follows: 1st: 3x amount bet. 2nd: 1.5x. 3rd: 1x. 4th: Nothing
5. If you run out of Smash Points you will not be able to join a match for 24 hours and will start with 500 when you re-enter.
6. There will be many different types of matches (ex: Only pokeballs, only characters with swords, giant/tiny melee). Make sure to choose your characters accordingly!

First Match: Free for All!
Items: all/medium frequency
Stage: Random
Conditions: N/A

Happy Smashing Laughing

Kcired chooses Rage Yoshi (aka red) for 200 SP

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PostSubject: Re: Super Smash Betting Game   Super Smash Betting Game Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 3:59 pm

Adult Link ! For 200 SP !
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Super Smash Betting Game
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