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 dark souls [LND's judgement]

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PostSubject: dark souls [LND's judgement]   dark souls [LND's judgement] Icon_minitimeThu Oct 20, 2011 7:52 am

so i believe i should do this to contribute to this fine forum as well as give you updates on any and all games i make

So firstly it is morning here, 7:47 AM and i am in need to leave soon for college.
but il just leave this here and continue tonight.

So first off, let me tell you that Buying Dark souls for me was a bad decision
i did need that small fortune for another reason yet here i go spending it on a game.

do i regret my bad decision?:
Not a single bit

so my first impressions of this game is that its exactly like demon's soul combat and gameplay wise.
so you old demon slayer chaps will be used to the commands, its just been revved up quite a bit,

we can now jump ladies and gentlemen, astounding progress!


Alright so.....this game is dangerously addicting
like its predecessor Demon's soul i was absorbed into a world of darkness and horrific fantasy and drained!

I will not spoil anything plot wise because 2 hours in the game you might not even know what the end game goal is!

Its games like this that makes me love FROM SOFTWARE im a huge fan of them and each time they ring out a masterpiece like this is worth every dime

So! gamewise, the story is quite dark
the world is basicly plunged into a curse where some of the dead will be resurrected as undead to distinguish them you can see a ring of fire within their eyes called the darksign
the reason for this curse is unknown yet you are immediately taken to where all undead should be taken to!
No no Not Aiur
an asylum!
thankfully thansk to the help of a young nameless sod i have dubbed TRAILER KNIGHT! you can escape! and go through a tutorial near worse then the one we had in demon souls
about near the end of it however we learn that TRAILER KNIGHT! is turning into a zombie, the curse of the undead will eventually turn them insane and into nothing more then brainless zombies thusly he gives his mission to you and when you leave him he will commit seppukku as it is the honorable thing to do
good call!

leaving the asylum finally after hardy trials of demon and zombie fighting you remember TRAILER KNIGHT!'s mission which was to go uncover the fate of the undead in a place named lordran
walking to the edge of a map a bird swoops down and grabs you and conveniently brings you to lordran! where you will die over and over and over as the saddistic game devs wanted us to

towards gameplay...i have to say it plays exactly like demon's soul but as stated a week ago its been made better, the online is shifty though it barely explains how it works in the manual and no one tells you how to use it...its confusing
however covenant factions are now joinable their is a total of nine covenants including the church, two evil factions, a faction of PVP and one that will turn your character into the amazing DRAGONMAN!

otherwise other then the online gameplay the game has gotten dramaticly harder, i remember dying to a dredgling in demon's souls once....and it was only that one time never happened again, a dredglign if you dont know is the weakest creature int he game. i died alot in that game but to me it was'nt hard it was challenging. Dark souls....well
its just not fair
if you get swarmed you die, some ennemies critical you, you will die for being stupid! for being unaware! you will die because you never checked the wiki! not saying to look at it however!
death plays a large part in this game because well...your undead, this replace the nexus soul binding thing
the darksign curse
lore wise your body will never die but your mind rots every time you resurrect however you can revert to a human(ish) form by collecting what i could consider being the new demon souls, spirtes called humanities which just make you look human and able to summon people in game. however to be summonable you cna be either human or zombie it does'nt matter which.

now i dont know what else i missed i dont think il be doing this again to be honest x -o you all already know this anyway
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dark souls [LND's judgement]
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